To emphasize this highlight, this article makes brief mention of the materials that go into the production of these formidable and durable garage floor oil drip mats. Just let oil drip on these mats. No damage or mess will ensue. These mats do not slip and they are quite easy to clean. These good, strong oil drip mats are all made from vinyl material coatings. These coatings cover a polyester fabric.

garage floor oil drip mats

They are made from the Tedlar material. It is associated with the better known Teflon brand. The Tedlar brand refers to the polyvinyl fluoride that goes into the applications required for the production of oil mats. Tedlar surfacing can be seen from the top of the mats’ developed fabrics. A base fabric in use is made up of heavy polyester or tire cord. There have, however, been cases where extremely thin vinyl film, the same material used in the making of beach balls, has been used.

But this alternative does not truly help. It is not nearly – far from it – as resistant to chemicals as the Tedlar material is. Resultantly, oil mats are durable, difficult to break or bend (they cannot be bent at all, just drive a ten-ton truck over it), and are extremely easy to clean. In fact, it’s said that these mats are the easiest of them all to clean. Mat edges are raised by sealing heat into the material. This is done with wooden dowels placed on two sides.

Sides are raised with materials’ natural curling capabilities. While no damage can be done by vehicles that drive over it, edges cannot be flattened either. Dowels in place are very supportive. Once a vehicle has left the mat the dowels just spring back in place.