How To Negotiate With A Car Dealer

Most people hate negotiation, whether it’s with a business owner or a group of tallahassee car dealers and car dealers aren’t given the best reputation when it comes to treating customers fairly. However, now you have to buy a new car and you’re basically walking into the lion’s den.

Fear not! Negotiation is simply a fancy word that helps you understand the other party and helps them understand you. By using tactics to negotiate effectively, you can lower the price on your new car while not sacrificing value.

One of the first tactics is to time purchases near the end of the month or quarter because that’s when bonuses are awarded. The more sales a salesman has, the more money he makes as a bonus, and you as a customer can play on that.

If a salesman is close to getting the next level of bonus money, then he might even give the car away just to add your sale to his total.

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Also, knowing what your typical car is worth can give you an estimate on how much you should pay for it. If dozens of other people paid a certain amount for the car, then you can aim to negotiate up to that price and try to keep your total around that number.

Using discounts based on things you are or do (being a student, having a membership in this insurance company) can also help cut the cost and can play a part in the negotiations. Look around for discounts and you’ll probably find more than you would expect.

Being smart about who you are and the type and value of the car you want can give you the confidence to know what your target price is and then negotiate up to it, ensuring you get the car and save money.